24 October 2011

Exciting Updates

I have two updates on the writing front.  First of all, I have signed up for a writing course online.  It takes about 18 months to complete and by the end I will have completed two manuscripts ready for publication as well as character sketches and outlines for several other works.  They help you narrow down a genre of writing based on your interests and talents.  They also teach you how to contact publications and get your work published.  I am thrilled to be able to do this because I know the deadlines, direction and guidance will be invaluable.

Second, a friend suggested that I take part in a Reviewer Program using my blog.  The Catholic Company is an online store that sells many books and gift items.  If you have a blog, you can sign up to be a reviewer.  You choose from a selection of materials which they send you to try or read then you review it on your blog.  I was excited to be approved and will be posting my first review shortly.

Last but not least... Happy Fall!  We were fortunate to have a cool front blow through last week and it has really put the feeling of fall in the air.  Each day it has gotten a little warmer but that's okay.  I think I speak for everyone here, that fall has been ignited in our hearts.  It also helps to know that another cool front is just around the corner.

Today I am doing something I have never done and it certainly has me in the fall mood.  I am cooking a turkey.  We are having a good-bye dinner for the Mexican girl who has been living with us.  I was trying to decide what to cook and my aunt's green bean and artichoke casserole came to mind.  When I asked my daughter what she thought she said it would only be a tease because it reminded her of Thanksgiving.  Well then, I decided, turkey it is for the main course.  So when you walk into my house today, the first thing you smell is the pumpkin candle burning in my foyer.  Next comes the smell of turkey (and a packet of onion soup mix) wafting from the slow cooker.  As you move further into the kitchen you can smell vanilla and apples from Apple Crunch Cake cooling on the counter.  I am feeling so warm and cozy.  Never mind the 80 degrees outside.  In my heart, certainly at least in my nostrils, it is a cool, crisp late November Thursday.  What a treat!

Happy Fall Y'all!