28 April 2013

Fed up Flump

Usually when I am in a bad mood I don't like to blog.  Writing takes energy and I feel sapped when I am grumpy.  Being in a bad mood sucks all the energy away.  Life has been hard lately and I am not dealing with it very well.  I was trying to think about how I could share being grumpy without sounding too whiny and miserable.  I was sorting out my feelings this morning so I could present them on the page to you.  That's when I remembered these little fuzzy brown creatures that captured our family's heart when we discovered them in England:

See the one in the middle?  That's me.  The one under the cloud.  His name is Perkin.

In this episode of the endearing, quirky show Mother Flump asks Perkin,  "Are you feeling alright?  You're looking sorry for yourself this morning." 

Perkin replies,  "No, I'm not feeling alright.  I'm feeling all wrong.  Sort of yucky, all horrible.  I feel umpty.  Fed up.  I'm a fed up Flump." 

"The flumpet music is too bumpy.
The water is too lumpy.
The floor is too wet and sloshy.
And the porridge is too loud.

 It's a too much morning."

Well said, Perkin!  That's it!  It's a too much life.  For now.  This too shall pass, I keep reminding myself.  And reminding and reminding.  Maybe one day I will stop being UMPTY long enough to listen.  After all, Mother Flump wisely tells Perkin,

"Cheer up or you'll be under a cloud all day.  
You can't see the nice side of anything under a cloud."


07 April 2013

Seven Quick-ish Takes

1.  I am finishing the Chronicles of Narnia- finally!  My fifth grade teacher read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to my class and I have been a huge C.S. Lewis fan ever since.  Reread the book before the movie came out then read Prince Caspian (#4) and The Voyage of Dawn Treader (#5) for their releases.  Finally decided to finish the series when my oldest son said, "Mom, the end of the whole series is SO worth it.  I was crying like a baby at the end of #6 so I am bracing myself for The Final Battle.  Bless you Clive Sinclair Lewis for sharing your gift of writing with all of us!

2.  Sit down.  I am going to say something amazing.  I enjoy running.  The Couch to 5K app is fabulous and I am halfway through my journey from the sofa to being able to run 3 miles.

3.  We were with Mark's family for Easter and his aunt brought bags of photographs and other "stuff" that belonged to his grandmother.  She passed away in December about two weeks shy of her hundredth birthday.  Among the yellowed letters and kodachrome photos was a small box of recipes crammed full with handwritten recipes and a well-used and tattered cookbook.  My heart skipped a beat wondering what would become of this treasure.  Mark's aunt suggested everyone take a little something from the collection.  I immediately jumped in offering to make some sense of this treasure trove which I could then share with everyone.  I have no idea what I will do and I hope no one is holding their breath waiting for my finished product BUT I am thrilled to be the keeper for now.

4.  Funny aside that when I offered to do something with this disorderly pile of kitchen memorabilia Mark's cousin (who is single and childless, I might add) turned to me and said, "Well, that's good because I certainly don't have time to deal with it!".  Guss I should stop twiddling my thumbs and get to work.

5.  We are traveling to San Antonio this week to attend the celebration of a dear friend who has been a priest for 60 years.  60 years!  Just think of all the Masses, weddings, Baptisms, confessions and more.  What a blessing!

6. I am tired of feeling like I have handed the reins over to the weekend allowing it to run roughshod over me.  I am also tired of those darn Reese's eggs calling my name.  Can you hear them?

7.  It's fun to use the word roughshod in a post.  Just saying.


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