03 March 2015

Three is a Magic Number

Hmmm...third times the charm OR three strikes and you're out?  This is my third attempt to start a post.  THIS IS IT!  Whether it is a charm or a strike out.  I am not starting over.

I have been getting my house back together since guests left yesterday after being with us a little over two weeks.  Whew!  I wish I could quantify there trip for you.  Here are my best guesstimates:

16 days
10 people in the house
4 Mardi Gras parades
1 Mardi Gras ball
37 stuffed animals and 50 pounds of beads
2 trips to Bourbon street
1 trip to the outlet mall
Too many meals out
Not enough meals in
THOUSANDS of calories
Countless loads of laundry

My house has been buried under layers of decorations, beads, suitcases and such.  Slowly, finally order is once again emerging from the chaos.

My point in all of this is that I did NOT want to write tonight.  I mean, really did NOT!  As I was folding yet another load of laundry I thought about how I was dreading sitting down at the computer and using my brain to string even a few words together that would be worth reading.  Then I realized how my students feel.  Often they come to school tired, maybe not feeling great.  I get frustrated when they are not jumping up and down to do all the lessons I have planned.  There's the problem- the focus is on me, what I have planned, what I need to accomplish with them.  Sometimes, I have to remember that they are human beings with likes and dislikes as well as feelings.  Good days, bad days.  I need to be considerate about what I expect from them.  I need to encourage them and get the most out of them while being sensitive to each personality and situation.  Maybe this 31 day challenge will make me a better teacher.  Day two and already much good has come from pecking out  some thoughts on the keyboard...even when I don't feel like it.


PS.  For new readers, as you may now gather these "postcards" are no longer from the UK.  I started the blog when we moved there for a semester and have not been able to bring myself to change the title.  I am back in my hometown of New Orleans.

02 March 2015

Rise and Shine

I have a board on Pinterest called Rise and Shine.  I use it to collect breakfast recipes.  I enjoy cooking.  I enjoy breakfast.  I don't necessarily enjoy the two together.  Although my board is called rise and SHINE, I am good at rising but the shining comes a little later.  After my coffee.  About an hour after the alarm has gone off.  By the time I begin to shine and ponder cooking breakfast for the family, it is easily brunch at best.

This morning, however, I was inspired to rise and shine a little more quickly than usual.  We have had friends visiting from out of town for two weeks.  Today was their last day with us.  One friend especially, loves bacon and I was determined to give him a warm, cheesy, bacony (should be a word, shouldn't it?) send off.  This casserole fit the bill.  It inspired me to decide I should try a different breakfast casserole every Sunday in March.  Two commitments in one day: 31 days of writing and 5 new breakfast casseroles.  Great start to the month!


PS.  I am excited to be joining the Slice of Life challenge this year.  Hope to share more about myself with fellow slice-of-lifers as the month unfolds.