26 May 2014

Having my Cake and Eating it too

Well, hello there, stranger!  Long time, no see.  What's been keeping you away?  Oh right, I haven't been writing.  Well, it's time to remedy that.

This morning my husband and I were sitting on our usual perches, sipping tea and poking around the internet.  My husband commented that I seemed quite upbeat this morning and I immediately realized why:

Today is the day BEFORE my birthday!

There are several other reasons for the spring in my step today but tomorrow being my birthday is definitely the main one.  Other contributing factors are having exam week behind us.  Three high-schoolers with three different exam schedules plus a husband out of town and me substituting three days last week made for a crazy, hectic schedule.  Add two cherries on top: the start of swim practice AND dance recital rehearsals and you can see how fun last week was for our family.

Then we arrive at Monday morning.  A holiday.  The day before my birthday.  It doesn't get much better.

One of the cutest, cuddliest children's book characters- Kipper the Dog- posed this question:

"Which is best, I wonder, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?  
Presents or expecting presents?"

I vote for Christmas Eve.  Expecting presents.  Always.  No doubt.  Day BEFORE the birthday is better.  Once your birthday begins, you can feel it slipping through your fingers, knowing it won't come for another year.  Just like Christmas Day.

So here I am enjoying this fabulous day-before-my-birthday which happens to be the day AFTER the dance recital.  Always a glorious day.  Always a relief.  Combine that with it being a holiday and I am feeling downright giddy.

Here's one more secret to my lighthearted mood.  I LOVE the start of summer.  Putting the school year to rest and starting a new chapter.  It's even better to me than New Year's Day.  All the possibilities are there:  lists of books I'd like to read, crafts I'd like to do with the kids, outings and fun times all waiting to be enjoyed.

So here I sit, full of possibility and anticipation.  It's a great place to be and I just wanted to share it with you.

Happy today!
Happy tomorrow!