16 November 2011

Sweet Reflection

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Today Mark came home with 
some treats for me in this lovely box.

It contained these little beauties.

In our break-neck speed, never stop to appreciate much, quick and convenient world, this box of treats made me sigh.  And pause.  And reflect.  I imagined a young woman lining the box with waxed tissue paper then inserting the plastic bed.  Next she tucked in my eight treasures, covered them carefully and even tied the box with a lavender, grosgrain ribbon.

Sucre is aptly described as a "sweet boutique".  It is a favorite spot for me and Mark to grab a cup of coffee (me) and a cup of tea (him) as well as a delicious morsel then sit back and chat without interruption (all FIVE of them).  It is one of my favorite places because I literally feel myself relax when I walk in the door.  The window displays are always delightful and the colors inside are those sweet, pastel shades displayed on the box above.  The walls are minty green.  Everywhere you look there is a feast for the eyes, whether it be the case of gelato, the luxurious chocolates with exotic fillings or the stunning macaroon topiaries.

This box contained sixteen puffy pillows sandwiched together by a smooth cream called mousseline.  There are many flavors but mine included chocolate, hazelnut, almond, pistachio, bananas foster, strawberry, pecan and salted caramel.  Yes, they are fabulous.  Yes, they melt in your mouth.  Yes, they are coming out with Candy Cane macaroons for the holidays.  Want to drool some more?  Wish you could window shop at this heavenly, sugar rush of a store?  You can.  Check it out here.

The insert listing the flavors also said, "Our macaroons are best enjoyed within 7 days."  I chuckled as I bit into number three.  Maybe they can last until Thursday.  MAYBE!


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