01 May 2013

Five Favorites

 I have BEEN wanting to participate in this post hosted by Moxie Wife.  I am sure you have been dying for me to participate too.  Well you can stop holding your breath because here are my five favorites for the moment.

pumpkin seeds (pepitas)

 I am completely, totally addicted to pumpkin seeds.  I buy them raw from Whole Foods and roast them myself.  They are fabulous!  Roasting them brings out a nutty flavor.  Besides, my favorite texture is hands-down CRUNCHY.  The crunchier the better which leads me to...

Whole Foods Seed-duction bread

Favorite number two is the Seed-duction bread from Whole Foods.  It is loaded with seeds- pumpkin, sunflower, flax seeds.  But...just to add a little extra crunch...for breakfast I toast up a slice then add a layer of roasted pumpkin seeds on top.  Did I mention I like crunchy foods?


Favorite three is the TV Show Arrested Development which I watch on Netflix.  Reason number one for watching it is simply staring at Jason Bateman.  Reason Number two is it is so freakin' funny.  Whenever I am in a grumpy, umpty mood this is my medication of choice.  Who needs pharmaceuticals when you have this?


Favorite four is Jeff Galloway.  I am counting on his run-walk-run method to get my bad knees across the Disney Princess half-marathon finish line.  I bought a book the other day (one of his many) titled something like...Running Until You Are 100.  And I thought, Wow!  Am I really being lumped in with the 100-year-olds?  Some days these knees feel that way so, fair enough.


Favorite five are Tru Melange candles.  They come in lots of sizes but my favorite is the 3.5 ounce tin.  I get them at Whole Foods.  They are fabulous enough to feel like a splurge yet cheap enough not to feel guilty about.  I love Harmony which is a blend of vanilla and peppermint which the company states is "a radiant, grounding blend that fills you with quiet energy, keen insight and welcome optimism."  I think that may be a little much for one small candle to live up to but one can always hope.  See, you can sense my welcome optimism since burning it.



  1. Definitely want to get some pumpkin seeds to roast! Yum!

  2. Mmm, pumpkin seeds! And pumpkin seed oil... The only reason why I actually planted pumpkins this year was to have pumpkin seeds. It's good that we also love pumpkins!