27 September 2013

Seven (Really, Really) Quick Takes

1. Sam started playing the piano this afternoon and my heart leapt. Then he stopped.

 2. I just found out about the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art and I would give anything to visit.

3. I love teaching. I love being the mom of five kids. I just don't like doing them at the same time. I am so thankful for the maternity leave opportunities I have had the last two years. It is the perfect balance. 

4. There aren't enough Fridays in the week. Who do I ask about adding another?

5. Completely blindsided by a particular postcard in the mail this week advertising SENIOR RINGS. When did that happen? Senior rings, college applications. I am. NOT. READY.

6. Read this, this week.  The next time you want to have a melt down when dealing with a difficult person, try "melting down" in this way.  Great advice.

7. Sam playing the piano sparked something in me so I picked up the computer to write this short post.  Although he stopped, it got me started.  That's a good thing.

Thanks to Jennifer at Conversion Diary for getting my blogging wheels in motion again!

Happy Friday!  Happy Weekend!

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