01 June 2014

Sunday Morning Snapshot

Saw this on Pinterest this morning and thought it would make a fun, quick post to keep my writing going.

Found the idea here.


*Listening-  I am usually listening to Christian Rock as far as music goes but right now I am listening to my kids chatter on around me.

*Eating- I made homemade waffles this morning.  Yum!  It's amazing how quick and easy they are.  There is a recipe for waffles with sunflower seeds and since I am a total seed freak, I am going to try them next time.

*Drinking- I am enjoying a lovely cup of Hunan Gold tea that Mark made for me in my beautiful Crabtree and Evelyn Blue and White teapot.

*Wearing- I am still in my comfy, cozy pajamas- pants that have places from all around the world on them and a purple K&B t-shirt that Mark gave me for my birthday.  Only New Orleanians will get that reference.

*Feeling- Sad for my friend who lost a child.

*Weather- Gray like the sky is sad and tired.

*Wanting- to sit here all day.

*Needing- to take a shower and get ready for Mass.

*Thinking- about all the things I hope to do this summer.

*Enjoying- that I actually wrote another post.


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