02 March 2015

Rise and Shine

I have a board on Pinterest called Rise and Shine.  I use it to collect breakfast recipes.  I enjoy cooking.  I enjoy breakfast.  I don't necessarily enjoy the two together.  Although my board is called rise and SHINE, I am good at rising but the shining comes a little later.  After my coffee.  About an hour after the alarm has gone off.  By the time I begin to shine and ponder cooking breakfast for the family, it is easily brunch at best.

This morning, however, I was inspired to rise and shine a little more quickly than usual.  We have had friends visiting from out of town for two weeks.  Today was their last day with us.  One friend especially, loves bacon and I was determined to give him a warm, cheesy, bacony (should be a word, shouldn't it?) send off.  This casserole fit the bill.  It inspired me to decide I should try a different breakfast casserole every Sunday in March.  Two commitments in one day: 31 days of writing and 5 new breakfast casseroles.  Great start to the month!


PS.  I am excited to be joining the Slice of Life challenge this year.  Hope to share more about myself with fellow slice-of-lifers as the month unfolds.


  1. I don't eat bacon, but what you made sounds good! YUM!

    Welcome to our writing community, Dina! You posted to your blog correctly, but here is the permalink for the post you wrote today:

    You will find the permalink each day by going to your blog (after you hit publish) and clicking on the title of the post you want to share. Please share the permalinks to your posts when you leave the links to your slice of life stories going forwards.


  2. Glad I found your blog as I will be making my first trip to the UK later this month. I'm not yet sure how I'll handle commenting on other posts, yet. However, an iPhone and iPad mini should help. I'm going to try to write some posts ahead of the trip so that I can schedule them in advance.

  3. Two challenges in one month... cooking and writing. It sort of reminds me of the movie Julie and Julia. Good luck with your challenges.

  4. Hi Dina,
    Welcome to Slice of Life. Happy to have you join us and begin with rituals that begin the day. My favorite time to eat and write and sip a few cups of coffee.
    Can't wait to read more about your life in the UK.