06 June 2015

Taking Time to Consider

It is always hard to jump back in to this blog because I feel the need to catch you up, dear readers, on all that has gone through my head since the last time I wrote. Because I am always blogging in my head, that is quite simply- IMPOSSIBLE. Maybe I will start with bits and bobs that have been floating around my mind lately.

As a side note, I googled "bits and bobs" to check out the definition and origin. Something I do often when writing which both enhances my writing and gets me stuck wandering around cyberspace in an endless chase of words. Any hoo- the definition is: A random assortment of things; small remaining pieces and things. Love it, especially the word remaining. In other words, after sifting through the endless stream of thoughts in my head, here's what stuck, what remains.

1. Yesterday as I was heading out the door for a walk, Elise asked if she could come. Usually I make an excuse because I really want the time to be alone with some music and the thoughts in my head. I always feel a twinge of guilt because I know the days of her begging to come with me, to do anything with me, are numbered. This day, I decided to embrace time together instead of being alone and I am glad I did. We walked hand-in-hand some of the time. I loved experiencing the world through her observations. She commented that it smelled like smoke so we breathed deeply and thought about what we could smell- plants and earth and maybe a barbecue grill or a fire pit. We decided that this smelled exactly like the beginning of summer. We listened to the sounds of the birds. I mean really listened. Actually heard the individual sounds. Appreciated the unique song of each bird. We commented on the houses as we passed them and what it might feel like to live there. As we walked, Elise commented, "I want a house with a gate because I am considering having a dog."  Love this girl. All the time but so intensely right there wrapped up in that word- considering. Such a grown up sounding word out of her eight-year-old mouth! I told her that I love the word consider and her response was- Yeah. What does it mean, exactly? Oh, the beauty of being young enough to use words without actually having a command of what they mean. I felt I would melt, right there on the asphalt, overcome by the simple beauty of the moment.

How often do we actually take time to consider anything these days?



think carefully about (something), typically before making a decision.


think about, contemplate, reflect on, examine, review;

That's what I am going to do this summer. I am going to take time to CONSIDER things. I want to think about and reflect upon my first year back in the classroom. I want to examine what I did well and ways I can improve. I also want to take time to contemplate where I am, right here, right now as a mom of a sweet, still-young girl as well as a mom of a son about to take flight into the world.  

What will you think about, contemplate and reflect on during this GIFT we call summer?


PS. Funny, I started out making a list and got stuck on number one. Oh well, blog posts have a ind of their own sometimes.

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