10 July 2015

Just for Today

This past school year has been colored by the fact that Sam was a senior.  Every event, every day the fact that he would be leaving soon was in my mind.  I think when we face a big change, it prompts us to look back.  I have spent time this year remembering those first hours, days, months with him, becoming a mother.

Recently, a former student of mine had her first baby.  I sent a gift and received a thank you note this week.  This morning, I thought about her, wondering what she and the baby were doing.  I thought back to those first sweet mornings, how my heart was bursting with joy when Sam woke up.

Well, hello you precious thing!  I am so excited we get to spend another day together!

Days string into weeks, into months, into years.

This year, the days began to feel precious again.  I would find myself asking Sam for a hug saying- "Sam, I need a hug because well, college."  Now it is- "Sam, I need a hug because...China."

In reality, we never know what the future holds.  We do know it holds one thing.  Change.

Wouldn't it be great to greet all of our loved ones like we greeted that first baby in those first few days.  If we greeted them with the words-

Hello you precious one!  I am glad we get to spend another day together.

In reality, all of our days are numbered.  I for one am going to hug every person in my family today as if they are leaving for China soon and will try to love them the way God wants me to- thankful that  He cared enough about me to place them in my life.  Who will you hug and be thankful for today?


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