28 July 2009

Extreme Packing

Six-year-old boys don't pay much attention to the laundry. The only time they even consider it is when they peer into the drawer looking for their favorite Star Wars t-shirt. I have been without a washing machine for about six weeks now. I have been lugging countless loads of laundry in and out of the house, in and out of the car. I have tested the depths of my friendships within a 5 mile radius. I have also come to appreciate the friends with the largest washer capacity. It hasn't been as bad as it sounds, though it is growing tiresome at this point. This week I spotted some pajamas on the floor of William's room. I told him to put them back in his drawer because we should all be wearing pajamas for two nights since we don't have a washer. His response was- "Mom, you packed up the washing machine?"

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