12 November 2009

Almost there

Wake up on time, CHECK! (3 am, ugh)
Make it to the ferry to mainland, CHECK!
Find our way to Dover and the ferry across the channel with hardly any time to spare, CHECK!
Debit card working, CHECK!

So far, so good. Bonus of free internet in our room tonight in Germany. No compatible charger so I need to finish before the "juice" runs out!

Off to the Mercedes-Benz museum en route to Austria in the morning.

Funny note: My friend told me that mutterallergie means allergic to mother. Two lessons in one. Don't rely solely on a computer translator and handy word for those teenage years when you have to drop them off blocks away so as not to be seen.

Hope to write again soon. Internet access and charger willing.



  1. I'm sure y'all will love Austria. It's so beautiful! Mary and I went when we were high school students. Plus, after all your Sound of Music watching, you just had to go. I thought of y'all when I went to the Von Trapp Family Lodge for tea last year.

  2. My house is alive with the sound of HarryNovember 13, 2009 at 12:25 PM

    Do you have the children dressed in matching brocade sunsuits and sandals for the trip to Von Trapp Land? ;)

    At least try to get a picture of all of them pointing at that fountain like in the movie.

    Glad you are enjoying your trip so far! As someone who is stressed by taking two children to Mobile by car, I am awed by your courage and energy.


  3. Austria is one of my favorites in Europe! I loved Innsbruck. And hopefully you go on the tour of the Sound of Music if you are a fan.
    I saw your aunt, Yvette Soniat, at the Holy Cross open house. She and Dave are friends of Jason and I never knew the connection. I love reading about your travels. You and your family are so blessed to be able to hvae this experience. - Liz Broekman