24 November 2009

No Catchy Title...

I am just not up to it. Since my last post, I brought Elise to the doctor in Austria, ran out of gas in Belgium and had a small chunk of my tooth come out. I saw a funny mug today that gave me the chuckle I needed. Remember the slogan I shared a few weeks ago- Keep Calm and Carry on? Well, they turned the crown upside down and added the quote- "Freak Out and Fall Apart".

Don't worry about me, though. In the midst of all that stress, we picked up my mother-in-law. You know, that is a funny statement. For some, that may add to their stress, but for me it is wonderful. I am blessed to have a fabulous mother-in-law who I have missed very much. It is so much fun to have her with us. I treasure getting to share our life here, walking through the quaint town, riding the bus around this beautiful island and relaxing together in our house. I thought her ears may fall off the first few hours after she arrived. I'd like to say that was the fault of the kids but Mark and I had just as much to share.

We really wanted to go to Lisieux to see the home and convent of Saint Therese. After trying every possible option, we decided it was too much, both money and time wise. Instead, we will spend a day or two in London. We will probably be there on Thursday which will be just another day here in England. We will be missing turkey and stuffing as well as our family at home, but we will be happy for so many blessings.

Thanks for the way each of you blesses our family.

Now, on a more serious note, I'll quote my friend who said it best- Happy SAINTSgiving! :-)


  1. Glad to see a post from you...I was beginning to miss your news! Have a wonderful visit with your MIL. I heard that there's fumblings over there about a possible royal wedding? What's the scoop? Maybe ya'll will still be there for such an exciting event. Happy SAINTSgiving indeed!!

  2. We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!
    Rodrigo, Vicky, Rodrigo and Juan