01 December 2009


a minute to breath and to think without kids! Last night Sam and I woke up in the middle of the night to watch the Saints slaughter the Patriots on Monday Night Football. I had gotten up extra early yesterday to see Mark and his mom off so I made it through the day and got to bed early to get in a few hours of sleep. We watched the game from 1:30 until about 5 am then I snoozed for a few more. I woke up to Elise saying. "Mama, get up now. Please. please, please!".

I wore my Saints shirt today and couldn't keep the smile off my face. I am so glad I can watch the games on Skype. It is fun to hear my mom cheer and my dad whistle. They played some Saints songs and I pulled out a tissue to dance a little second line. When I saw the tissue on the floor this morning, I commented to Sam that it was from last night and Emme immediately said- Oh, were you doing a second line? Funny how these bits of culture are passed to the next generation. I was happy to know she is a real NOLA girl. For any out of town friends who are reading this and don't know what I am talking about, meet me in N'Awlins when I get home and I'll show you! You know who I am talking to and you know I'd love for you to visit.

It was so hard to tear myself away from the computer this morning which is my lifeline to sports, news from home, friends, etc. I managed, somehow and we made the chilly trek to the library as we did yesterday. Honestly, I don't know what we would do without that place. It is small but well-stocked for our needs and provides the perfect outing. It is about a fifteen minute walk. We all find our favorite spots. Elise goes to the coloring sheets to create a masterpiece. William hunts downs books on dinosaurs and animals. Sam gets on the computer. Anne and Emme browse the chapter books and I drool over the craft books and think about how I wish there were more hours in the day. Back home, we have a library less than 10 minutes from our house but have only walked there once. The kids would probably whine and complain but here there is no alternative. I know my kids and I are better for having had to walk everywhere these few months. I hope I can bring that wherever I go and not fall right back to what is quick and easy. That is difficult in America where everything seems to be quick and easy. Don't get me wrong. I like quick and easy, just not all the time. Quick and easy gets you to the end. There is something to be said for the MEANS.

I was thinking about so many different things this morning that I actually jotted down some notes. There are many thoughts I'd like to share on this blog. Sometimes there isn't time. Sometimes I am just being lazy. One thing that struck me today was the difference between writing a blog and writing a book. I love hearing your comments and knowing that there is someone out there reading, besides my mom. :-) It makes the process satisfying. Now imagine being Jane Austen. She wrote a novel with no feedback except from maybe a few people. What a long process. I guess getting the story from your head to the paper and being happy with it was reward enough. That had me thinking about when her novels were published and did she get any immediate acclaim. Maybe I should research that in my spare time and get back to you. Think about John Kennedy O'Toole who wrote A Confederacy of Dunces. He killed himself before anyone read it. What a shame he didn't get to revel in a book well received. Funny, also, to think that here I am in the 21st century touched by a novel written so long ago. Imagine if I could e-mail Jane Austen and let her know how much I am enjoying her book. Better yet, meet her at a book signing. On a side note, I am STILL not finished Emma and am dying to know who she ends up with. Don't give it away. I got another book from the library today to motivate me to finish the last 50 or so pages.

Thanks for the instant gratification of your feedback! Elise is now on my lap explaining why she should sleep with me because of the scary mouse book she "read". So much for time to breathe. Oh well! It is quite cozy to snuggle with a toasty two-year-old on a chilly night.



  1. Yes, the Saints are awesome! If you check, you will see that they even have their own song. You should see the people that show up at the airport after they come back from a road game. It's amazing!
    Keep the updates coming...very enjoyable!

  2. I feel like I've spent the day with you and then sat on your sofa and discussed literature after all of the kids went to sleep! How nice. I REALLY miss you!!

  3. Hi Dina! Michael and I are reading and really enjoying the updates. What an exciting journey for your family! We miss y'all!

    Kristi Galloway

  4. Dina, you were enjoying the Saints game across the ocean and we were doing the same in our TV in Des MOines, ( maybe as cold as you guys were!) and could not avoid the pride we all felt touchdown after touchdown( eventhough my football knowledge is minimal, ROdrigo was explaining every move!). I have nothing but encouragement words for you, your blog is PHENOMENAL!!!! be assured that your mom is not the only one following your adventure.... We are enjoying every minute of your trip! Your detailed descriptions are GREAT!! and PLEASE keep them coming!!! Rodrigo says hi to Sam. Wish you guys the best.