27 May 2010


I had fun giving the blog a spring makeover.  Hope you like the new look.  I didn't want to change the name so I added to the title to reflect where we are now.  If you are getting this via e-mail first let me say, thanks for subscribing.  Next, please take a minute to link to the actual site so you can see the new look for yourself.

Today is my birthday.  It is the first time I am on Facebook for my birthday.  It is also the first birthday that my Blackberry is synced with my e-mail.  Last night around nine o'clock, my Blackberry started vibrating and hasn't stopped.  It made me smile every time because I knew it was someone taking a minute to send birthday wishes.  I am thankful for each of them but a few stand out.  Of course, the two that arrived all the way from England were special.  Another that stood out was from a Holy Name friend.  She sent it the day BEFORE my birthday because of my last post about liking that better than the actual day.  It meant so much because she represents all of you that read the blog.  I love writing it and am really thankful for such a kind audience.

Speaking of the audience for my blog, there is someone who visits the site occasionally and leaves anonymous comments that are negative.  Describing these comments as negative is being generous.  They are vicious and personal.  When I first read them, I was devastated.  I stopped writing for a little while as a processed what this person had said.  Some people suggested blocking comments.  I don't ever want to do this.  In the end I realize that if I want to put myself out there and get all the wonderful comments, I have to take the bad ones too.  The blessings I receive when someone takes the time to let me know that my writing touched them, far out weighs having ugly things said by someone too chicken to identify themselves.

It is amazing how much power words hold.  The written word even more so because you can revisit it.  Thankfully, that includes great works of literature, uplifting poetry and even personal letters from deceased relatives.  Unfortunately, it means unkind things can be put in print to hurt someone again and again.  I have been wanting to write about this for awhile now.  I just wasn't in the right place.  I was still letting that person get the best of me.  I was really sad.  Now I am okay.  I know who I am and why I make the decisions I do.  This may sound juvenile but it is a simple saying that puts it in perspective:

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

Funny thing is one of the comments basically said- Oh, it must be nice to share one side of the story.  I had to laugh at this.  Yes, it is one side of the story- MY SIDE!  After all, it is MY blog.  Thanks for reading my side and since it is, let me say- Happy Birthday to me!

Ah. I feel so much better now.


  1. Dina,
    Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day enjoying your beautiful family!!! Please keep on blogging I truly enjoy all your comments and I'm sure there are hundreds of us outhtere just waiting for you to post!! You and Mark are looking Spectacular!!! THe boys are SO handsome and the girls are what a beautiful princesses!! I love the spring version of the page!!
    Vicky ( Rodrigo's mom)

  2. Good for you Dina, hope you had a wonderful birthday. See you soon!