10 June 2011

Blog Fuel

Happy Friday!  Happy Summer!

I was up early this morning to see Mark off for a business retreat this weekend.  He will be in Saint Petersburg bonding with coworkers over kayaking and delicious meals.  I will be home with the kids.  So is life.

Deciding to grab the computer and a cup of coffee instead of a few more moments of shut-eye, afforded me the opportunity to wander aimlessly through articles, links and blogs.  I love when I have the time to do this.  Then I think about all I would like to write about on my blog.  Then I become overwhelmed.  Then the day crashes in on me and I never get around to posting.

Not today.  I happened upon some fuel for my blog.  I found inspiration in the idea of a "day book" where you fill in the prompts.  Perfect for a procrastinator like me.  Here goes:

Outside my window is my in-laws' beautiful, lush, green backyard.  We have been hanging out here for a few days.

I am thinking about poems and music and books that people wrote about on the blogs I visited this morning.

I am thankful for mornings like this.

From the kitchen... My sister gave me a cookbook for my birthday titled Cooking Up a Storm and last night I tried Mexican Lasagna which was delicious.

I am wearing Nick and Nora pajama pants that make my heart so happy because they have travel desintations all over them in bright colors- New Zealand, Japan, London, Italy, Paris- along with my Seagrove Beach t-shirt, a souvenir from our recent trip to the beach.

I am going to pack up all our things today and drive back to New Orleans.

I am reading Little Women for the fourth time and I will make it to the end this time!  It is fun to read it again as a mom.  I have always placed myself in the role of one of the sisters but now I see it from a different perspective.

On my mind... How to get into the groove of summer.  How to be "Pantry Police" and monitor the hours of electronics all summer.  How to strike the perfect balance of relaxation, loosened structure, healthy living and keeping my sanity.

Around the house we are getting ready to celebrate Sam's 14th (gulp!) birthday.

One of my favorite things is actually getting the ideas out of my head and onto the "paper".

A few plans for the rest of the week... I love answering this one on Friday because there isn't much week left to fill.  That way I don't have to admit to being without much of a plan these days. :-)  However, this weekend will include laundry, finally unpacking from the beach and visiting my in-laws in Baton Rouge as well as celebrating Sam's birthday.

There.  Done.  Why, oh why don't I just sit down and write more often?  Oh well.  Hope you are still out there reading.  Either way I feel better having collected my thoughts and thrown them into cyberspace.


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  1. Great read Dina. Feeding Maribel at 12:45 am and
    It was encouraging to read your thoughts
    On life.