25 June 2011

Same Chair, New Inspiration

Here I am sitting in the same chair.  It is a well worn, wing-backed chair that we call "king of the castle" seat at my in-law's house.  From your perch in this chair, you get the best view of the tv and a nice view of the leafy backyard as well.  Armed with remote, magazine, book and/or computer I think I could sit here in my pajamas literally ALL DAY.  I don't think, I KNOW.  Not going to happen today but it's 11:30 and I am still in my pj's and in the chair.  Not bad.

Happened upon more "blog fuel".  This time it is titled, "7 Quick Takes Friday".  Make that Saturday and here goes...

I just read a fabulous book,  Love, Ruby LavenderIf you are a fan of children's literature, I highly recommend it.  It is like Fried Green Tomatoes for kids.  Small southern town, lovable, quirky characters.  To borrow from another book review I read:  
"It is like sucking on butterscotch- smooth and sweet."

 Love, Ruby Lavender includes correspondence between Ruby and her grandmother Eula.  I adore books of letters.  My all-time favorite is 84 Charing Cross Road with The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Society a close second.

I am a complete Harry Potter geek.  After polishing of all 4000+ pages of the seven-book series the last few months, I keep wondering why I jumped on the band-wagon so late.  I purposely go out of my way to pass the theater just to see the HP 7, Part 2 movie poster.  I could say I only do this for my kids but I would be lying.  Daniel Radcliffe IS Harry and I am utterly in love with them both.

We have slipped into a nice summer routine.  Up later, to bed later but just a bit.  I have given my kids a list of things they need to accomplish every day.  Dress, brush teeth and hair, read and say a prayer.  It is basic enough to make us all happy.
We have a friend from Mexico living with us to learn English.  Keep saying I will blog about it.  She arrived almost two weeks ago.  I promise to write about it soon.
Sam just got Rosetta Stone Japanese and is breathing down my back for the computer.  Don't want to keep him waiting any longer so I will just hit "publish post" and be done.  

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