25 July 2012

The Weight of Words

It is quiet and I am sipping my coffee and happily enjoying my computer time.  Perfect time to write.  Noooo!  Why have I been avoiding writing all summer long?  I have gotten lazy.  Came across this quote from Confederacy of Dunces author, John Kennedy Toole:

"...When my brain begins to reel from my literary labors, 
I make an occasional cheese dip."

If I haven't been writing this summer, at least I could have been eating cheese dip.  I have done neither.  Which makes me feel guilty.  Which makes me sad.  Which makes me feel more guilty.  Which makes me sadder.  Do you sense a downward spiral here?

There are many things to blame here, none of which are me, of course!  I blame the lack of structure of the summer.  I blame the kids.  Just being kids and being around.  I blame all the fun things on the internet that take what little attention I have left and pull it away from writing.  But most of all I blame that OH-SO-EVIL...  dun, dun, dunnnnnnn (sinister music playing in the background)


ThereI said it.  I am Dina.  I am a pinner.  I have been pinning for two months.  Non-stop.  I love that Pinterest is visual.  I love images.  I love words.  I love words combined with images.  Like this:

I made this on my computer.  It was quick.  It was easy.  A sweet sentiment for Mark on our anniversary.  So unlike writing a post.  Images seem so quick and easy while words sometimes feel like the weight of the world.  Painting a picture of me on Pinterest is so simple. and pin.  Yes!  That is me.  But to paint a picture of me or what I think or feel with words takes time.  And thought.  And effort.  Too much for the average summer day.

Where to go from here?  I need to remember that words can be a light and airy as a balloon floating in the sky.  There is joy in trying to capture and pin it down.  Sort of like finding a word that means Maria! :-)  Oh, that is too good!  How to follow that line?  A flibbertijibbet! A will-o'-the wisp! A clown!  Perfect! 

I feel the weight of words lifting.  Writing can be fun and lighthearted.  Thanks for sharing this moment of therapy with me.


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