22 August 2012

My "Pinterest"ing Summer

After two weeks of multiple first days, book days, registration days and numerous early dismissals as well as a quick jaunt to North Carolina and back (in two days, mind you!) to pick up my camping girl,


My days are my own, at least until I start another maternity leave in late September.  This time I will be substituting in middle school, teaching science and math.  I can hear you all wholeheartedly (and skeptically) wishing me good luck.  Before looking ahead to all the school year brings, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on this summer.

I mentioned before that I was totally obsessed with Pinterest and have even managed to get a few others addicted as well.  I must say, while I did spend lots of time on the computer enjoying the website, I balanced that with getting off my rear end and using many of the ideas I found.  Looking back, we had a great summer, in part, thanks to Pinterest.

I found this idea early in the summer and incorporated it almost immediately.

We sat down as a family and decided what we hoped to do this summer.  The list included places to go, activities and our favorite summertime treats.  When we were bored we could check the "To Do" cup for inspiration.  At summer's end it ensured that a oh-no-I-let-my-kids-do-nothing-but-electronics mom realize that was just end of the summer lazies slipping in.  In reality, looking back through the popsicle sticks, we actually did a lot and had a great summer. (Which I know in my heart but this parenting job does not always foster good perspective.)  Here are some of the things we did:

We made soap, lots of crafts, did science experiments, played board games and made a movie with the ipad.
We enjoyed our favorite frozen yogurt, ate Choco tacos and yummy fruit bars as well as cooked something from a kids' cookbook.
We went to the Aquarium, French Quarter and bowling alley.  We went to the beach and visited my sister in Dallas.  And who didn't watch tons of Olympics?!

Whew!  That's a great summer!  As you can see from the photo, we didn't move all the sticks to the "Done" cup.  Oh well, there are weekends in the fall, Christmas and Easter break and then there's always next summer.  The thing is, it made us sit down as a family to talk and and plan our summer and then it provided a tangible reminder of all fun we had once the dog days hit and no one had much oomph or energy (that would be me) and we all resorted to a little extra screen time of our choosing.

I am not the best mom in the world but I am surely not the worst and now I have the popsicle sticks to prove it!  So there!

On to another school year...

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