23 October 2012

Rear View

Friday night I chaperoned a movie night for some middle schoolers.  We watched Alfred's Hitchcock's Rear Window.  I had seen it years ago and was interested in seeing it again.  Here are my observations.

~It is sad that kids today have no attention span.  If a plot is not moving a hundred miles an hour, they lose interest.

~In the midst of our chaotic lives, it is difficult to pay attention to details.

~It feels as though we live disposable lives today.  Buy it cheap at Target, use it for a season and toss it.  Paper, plastic, synthetic crap.  None of it ages well.  Wood, linen, silk, leather.  These have staying power.

~Dressing well is worth the trouble.  Here are some fine examples.

Check out the gorgeous bracelet.  All the moms were drooling over it. Ah, the grace, the elegance!

~Men often don't know a good thing when they have it.

~Last but not least, if you are going to murder someone, for goodness sake, pull the blinds!


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