06 July 2010


I know you weren't holding your breath it is!  My first knitted creation.  I can't believe I finished him.  I made this cute little elephant for my nephew Jack.  Of course, I was stitching on the eyes and ears at 11 pm the night before I gave it to him.  Lumpy, as I named him, had a cute braided tail but you can't see it in the photo.  I am really enjoying learning to knit and I want to do an afghan next.

Obviously, my commitment to writing once a week went out the window since it is summer.  That's not an excuse, just the reason.  As with seeing the elephant, I know you aren't holding your breath, waiting for me to post but I will keep writing because I LOVE to write and I NEED to write.  I am sitting at this computer right now because I couldn't sleep.  I was posting in my head like I do ALL THE TIME.  I finally gave in and here I am.  Nothing much to say.  I am too tired to string together many words but as always the getting back to it is the hardest part, jumping in.  I must say I am glad I did.  The water feels great.  I'll be back for another dip soon.


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