31 July 2010

Sizzlin' Summer Sale

I have 5 FABULOUS kids for sale.  If you act in the next 10 minutes, I will throw in a husband absolutely FREE!  Supplies are limited, so call now.  As an added bonus, if you purchase before August, you get to pay their tuition, outfit them in uniforms and buy their school supplies!

Fine Print:

Husband works from home.  He hates that and so will you.
Children will ask 1,497,346 questions EVERY day.  At least 500,000 of these will pertain to the NFL and Saints in particular, so check up on your stats before purchase.
Be prepared to ward off thirst, hunger and boredom every minute of every day.
Children will pretend to be cute to get their way.  Don't fall for it.
Husband doesn't bother with the cute part.
You will be required to pick up 378 Legos per day or risk being buried alive.
Bedtime stories are required.

Really Fine Print:

I thought my whining would be more bearable if cleverly disguised in an amusing ad.  Hope it worked.  Sorry.  It was just one of those days.  Must be the heat. actually IS the kids and the husband.  Either way, I feel better already.


  1. Love It! we could do a family swap...Here is to hoping for a better day tomorrow. You made me smile. Thank you for that.