16 July 2010

Seventeen Years

Seventeen years ago today I married Mark.  From the very beginning, our life has been an adventure.  We have had our share of ups and downs but I couldn't imagine going through life with anyone else. 

Last weekend, we went to my cousin's daughter's wedding.  My mom is one of eight and I have always enjoyed being part of that BIG family.  They are funny, loud and crazy but especially loving and supportive.  Like every family, we cry at the losses and celebrate the joyous occasions.  Needless to say, I have been to my share of family weddings.  This wedding, however, was special.

In a time when people want out of marriage the minute it gets hard, my cousin and her husband have stayed together.  Watching him walk his daughter down the aisle you could see the mixture of emotions- the pride, the happiness and the sorrow.  The ceremony was meaningful.  Unlike many who just go through the motions, here were two young people aware of the responsibility of pledging their lives to one another.  Here were two young people who hadn't spent even one night together.  It was special to share in their excitement and joy.

I cried many tears that day.  Tears of sorrow, tears of joy.  Witnessing a wedding that was all it should be, made me mourn for what society has lost over the years.  The loss of innocence.  The loss of faith. The loss of responsibility and perseverance.

I thanked my cousin's husband, Billy for being a wonderful husband and father and a blessing to our family.  I told Brittany and Chris that their marriage is more than just the two of them and I know it will be a blessing to our family as well.

Today, especially, I am thankful for my marriage.  I am thankful for the beautiful examples of faith and love both of our parents' marriages continue to be.  I am thankful that there are still people willing to live life thoughtfully, according to God's plan.  Brittany and Chris, I wish you many happy years together.  Thank you for shining a radiant light into this world.


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  1. Happy Anniversary Dina! I remember how beautiful your wedding was!