21 November 2010



I am really not sure how this will look to those of you who subscribe to my blog and receive my posts in an e-mail.  You may have to link back to the website to see it but first try clicking on "display images".  As a matter of fact, click on "always display images" if that is an option.  That way you will be ab;e to see any photos I have with the post.

Anyway, I came across this website ( some time ago and stumbled across it again this morning.  Since I LOVE words, I LOVE this website.  It is really fun to create your own Wordle.  You can even type in your blog and it will create a wordle using all the words from your posts.  Words appear larger depending on how many times they are written  I tried it and guess what word appeared larger than any other...HATE!  I thought that was pretty funny.

Happy Sunday!  Go Saints!


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