19 October 2009

An American Evening in London

Wow! What a Saints victory last night. We figured out a sneaky way to watch the games and it has been a god send. It helps ease the Saints withdrawals but it is nothing like being in the city, watching all the coverage and just feeling the electricity. We ate hot dogs and Krispy Kreme donuts to make it an American evening in London. Who would have thought you could enjoy a KK donut all the way across the pond? They taste exactly the same, too!

This weekend we did tons of walking. We went to a lovely park that had a petting zoo and several different play structures. It is fun to see the different things they build for kids to play on. Most are typical but some are really neat. They had face painting available so William strutted through the streets of London as Spiderman. We had lunch at one of the kids favorite places- Subway. It is apparently a favorite of the Brits as well because there is one on every corner.

Sunday morning we walked to St. Etheldreda's which is the oldest Catholic church in England. I would have to be a poet to describe the beauty of the church, the Latin Mass and the choir. You could feel yourself ascending to Heaven right along with the incense. The best part is the kids were so well behaved, an elderly lady complimented us after Mass. I graciously took the compliment and moved on quickly before any of the kids started whining or bugging one another. :-)

We ate lunch at Ye Olde Chesire Cheese, an authentic pub that was built during the reign of Charles the II (Remember him from the story of the Tower ravens?). We had leg of lamb, fish and chips, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and sticky toffee pudding for dessert. Food was good and the atmosphere was fabulous. Mark hard a hard apple cider that we both enjoyed. Sweet enough for me, "hard" enough for him.

The rest of the day was spent walking and getting ready for the big game. We still have Harrod's, Fortnum and Mason and Kensington Palace to cover. The sleeping arrangements are getting tough but we can manage another night or two.



  1. The Saint are coming. The Saints are coming.


    I heart Drew Brees.

    Uncle JJ

  2. Dina...I just love the surprise I get every morning when I have an email saying you have a new posting to read...I so look forward to your words! They are so well written and seem to capture just enough of what you are experiencing and thinking each day...what a treasure they will be to all of you in the future. Can't wait to read what comes next! Have fun, be safe and enjoy each experience!
    Love, Michel

  3. Latin Mass! Boy that's a blast from my aren't even old enough to remember them. How did the kids like that?