02 October 2009

Nibs and Bits

Happy Friday! There are always so many things that come to mind for me to share. Many are just odd bits of info, really. The title for the post comes from a conversation with the gardener who mentioned going to a funeral and having "nibs and bits" afterward. I couldn't tell if he said nits or nibs but nits reminds me of lice so I am going with nibs. :-)

I finally have an address at which to receive ROYAL MAIL. That's what they call the mail service. Sounds as if Queen Elizabeth herself will be knocking on your door, doesn't it? Truthfully, I am hoping to be on Prince William's route. Just as long as I don't end up with Camilla delivering my parcels. It's a funny difference between the two countries. Here, the service is called the mail and you send a letter by post. In America, the service is the postal service and you send things by mail.

Speaking of the Queen, I've been noticing all the things that have her insignia and thinking about what a massive job it will be to change these after her reign. All the royal mail boxes have her crest. Her face is on all the money, both paper and coins. I wonder how long it will take to phase that out. How quickly do they print new money when they change monarchs? I noticed the bottle of dish washing liquid I am using has a label saying, "By appointment of her Majesty the Queen." Brings dish washing to a whole new level, doesn't it?

Here are two other bits I have been meaning to share:
We were served a dessert that possibly had nuts so to keep Sam safe, the server made something different for him. She came out of the kitchen and happily presented him with a bowl telling him it was jelly and cream. I felt sick at the thought of a bowl full of jelly and looked at Sam to see his reaction. With a half-hearted smile he thank her and accepted the bowl. After an apprehensive bite, he realized "jelly" is actually Jello.

At the bed and breakfast, the kids were watching a movie in the lounge one evening. The innkeeper's daughter asked if they would like some squash. Knowing the kids would turn down this offer, I asked her what exactly "squash" was. I had seen it on a menu under beverages so I had an idea. She explained that squash is any kind of fruit drink, like Capri Sun or Kool-Aid.

Hope you have a SPLENDID or BRILLIANT weekend! Both words are quintessentially British.

10 Baring Road
Cowes, Isle of Wight UK
PO 31 8DA

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