07 October 2009

A Terrace with a View

Finally! My cord arrived (thanks Mom and Dad) so I can transfer the photos directly from my camera to my computer and share them with you. This is the side of the house where the living room opens onto the terrace.

Here is the view from the terrace. The land you see in the distance is the mainland of England. The body of water is called the Solent. I have gotten some great pictures of lots of different boats that I'll share later.

In reference to my last post, if rainy days get me down, I am in the wrong place. It has been raining off and on for the past three days with rain in the forecast for tomorrow. Most of the time it is just gray and misty. We have been passing the time watching the fog roll in and out. It goes something like this:

"Hey, I can barely see the mainland."
Twenty minutes later...
"Wait, I can see it again."
Another twenty minutes...
"Wow, now I can't see it at all."
Maybe thirty minutes this time...
"Well, there it is again."

You can see this makes for a thrilling and quickly moving day, especially with 5 kids to entertain.

Mark and I had a revelation today. Our mood is measured by the strength of our wireless connection. Strong connection=good mood. Weak connection=bad mood. Monday we had no wireless signal. I am happy to report the signal was pretty good today. Tomorrow Mark is going to London for a business meeting. Guess the kids and I will be watching the fog roll in and out. Ah, the joys of life in England! I know you are all jealous.



  1. Sounds like an adventure either way. Thanks for the updates! I enjoy reading them as I am at home watching Seinfeld reruns...


  2. Dina, what a beautiful view!!! You guys enjoy the wonderful adventure and thanks for sharing your experiences there ! Rodrigo says hi to Sam and Juan to M.E.
    SUn will always shine for you....

  3. I'm loving your posts...and the pictures are wonderful. Don't feel like you're missing so much as far as weather's been pretty rainy here lately too.
    Are you on Facebook? Add me, if you are: look for Dale Duplantier Abraham

    miis ya,

  4. I look forward to your posts and this time I was so glad to see pictures of your house!! Now I can really envision what you're talking about. Now that you have that cord I hope to see more of your pictures soon. We have been having an unusually high amount of rain in Dallas! Hope to talk to you soon.

  5. Hooray! Finally we can see where you're living. It looks absolutely gorgeous. Hope the rain lets up so you and the kids won't be stuck in the house while Mark's away. Saints have a bye week this week, that's no fun. Hugs and Kisses to everyone. Love, MIMS

  6. Dina, our house south of Dublin City (Killiney, County Dublin) also had a fantastic view. On a clear day, we could see the country of Wales accross the sea. My father told a friend back in New Orleans that he could see Wales out of the window. The friend on the phone thought that was wonderul and was curious if they were spouting.