11 October 2009

My New Motto

I saw a poster like this in one of my favorite shops in town. In googling the image to share it with you, I found out that it is a copy of a wartime poster. Inspiring, don't you think? And, relevant in many situations. Yesterday, William said to me, "Mom, I miss our old life." OUCH! I wanted to start crying and sweep him into my arms and say, "Me too." I thought of this poster and it helped. I asked what he missed the most and he mentioned his grandparents Another knife to the heart because I know how much they miss him, as well. I asked if he liked our life in England for now and he admitted that he does.

Mark has always said, life is about trade offs. I have never argued with that statement but boy, am I living it now. Whenever I feel sad and miss home and "our old life" as William puts it, I know that you can't have both. I couldn't have this great experience without giving something up. The "giving something up" stops us from doing so many things. I am glad we didn't let it keeps us from this adventure. Well, the day is dawning, the sailboats are sailing and the troops are rising. Guess it is time to get into fearless leader mode. Keep calm and carry on.



  1. Dina, I love the poster. Tell William we miss him just as much. Halloween won't be the same this year. And fearless leader is the perfect words to describe what you are doing. We're proud of you. Love, MIMS

  2. Just wanted to stop in and say hi. Thought about you this morning....I went to Cafe DuMonde this morning after church. My treat again when you get home from your adventure.

  3. Your "old life" will be waiting for you after your wonderful adventure. Speaking as someone who had her own "wonderful adventure" start as a summer in New York City and turn into a life changing 8 years- you will never regret this chapter in your life.

    But you better not be gone 8 years!