21 October 2009

Heading Home and Happy Birthday

Happy 7th Birthday William! We hope the "force is with you" this entire year. You rarely stop wiggling or asking questions but our family wouldn't be the same without you.

Well, we are headed home this morning. Although there is always something more to see and do, we are ready to get back to our little island with its slow paced life.

Monday we went to Harrod's. Everything about Harrod's is impressive from the way the terra cotta building commands your respect by its sheer size to the dizzying array of goods. All are displayed with just enough glitz and glamour to keep your head spinning. Of course we spent most of our time in the Toy Kingdom but my favorite was the ground floor with all the decorative tins of biscuits and chocolates, the Krispy Kreme counter and the pastries. After modest purchases, we hit the crowded streets to find lunch. This proved to be no small task with the place swarming with hungry people, tourists and locals alike. Seven meltdowns were avoided when we quickly headed home and ate lunch at our flat.

After a restful afternoon, we went to Piccadilly Circus for an evening walk. We visited Fortnum and Mason which is touted as the world's most glamorous grocery store. It was nice but nothing in comparison to what we had seen earlier at Harrod's.

Each day we get going later and later. Tuesday we zipped out the door around noon! We went for a ride on the Eye which is a huge ferris wheel. Passengers ride about 25 to a pod and the trip takes 30 minutes. From its location on the Thames river you can see ALL of London. After lunch Mark took Sam and Elise back to rest while Emme, Anne, William and I visited Kensington Palace and Gardens. Our first stop was the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground. This is really the best playground in the world. The play areas are inspired by the story of Peter Pan and include tee-pees, sensory trail and a magnificent pirate ship as the center piece. All are set in a backdrop of lush greenery. It truly encourages kids to use their imagination as they explore. Eventually I dragged the kids away and we toured the palace where Diana lived with the two young princes. There was a tour of the State apartments as well as a display of Diana's fashion. Everyone enjoyed it and learned something, which is the part I like.

Hope you have enjoyed coming along with us for the ride. See you back in Cowes!



  1. are such an awesome writer. You should think about writing a children's book about your kids' adventure in could even use photos instead of illustrations.


  2. Happy Birthday, William! a.k.a. Pilliam, a.k.a. Scooper, a.k.a., Schrechly Von Vilhelm.

    Hope all is well.

    Skype will be ready and fired up for the Saints - Dolphins matchup.

    -- Uncle Googly (Googalie, or Googlie)