12 October 2009

Our First Visitor

Hooray! We had our first visitor. George Schmitt is Mark's friend from high school. He was escorting his mom on a trip to London and Paris. We are appreciative he took the free day to spend time with us. It was no small feat considering it required a trip on the Tube (London's subway), short bus ride and a ferry trip.

Thanks, George. We had a great time! Soooo... who's next?

Speaking of London, Mark has needed to go to London several times already for meetings. A client in New Orleans hooked him up with an American living in London who lets him spend the night at his flat. He is leaving today for a long business trip and said the whole family is welcome while his place is vacant. Hopefully, you will see some London photos posted soon. Island life is great but I have been here 6 weeks and am ready to explore a little. He took Sam and Mary Elizabeth on one of the trips and they are dying to share their experiences so here goes:

Absolutely Everything from a Kid's Eye View by Mary Elizabeth Zelden
Hello, there! This is Mary or "Emme" speaking. Well I'm sure you're wondering what you are reading, because of the title, well you're reading about Harrods Department store. About a week ago my brother and I took a trip to London, home of the famous Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Harrods. I am a huge shopper and there is no mall on the Island, so I was about to faint just looking at it. It's a HUGE, 5 floor hotel looking building complete with doormen. On the side of the building is a light up structure that reads "Harrods" in large sparkly letters. So we walked in, stored our luggage and marched up to the Christmas department for a quick peek. After about ten minutes of red and green, we went up to the pizzeria for lunch. Let me tell you, Harrods is fancy, no fast food or carry out. After a coconut chocolate cupcake for dessert, we moved on to, well, everything else. There was so much to see, in so little time. We saw exercise machines, clothes, golf supplies and big screen TV's and even a Hummer golf cart! Can you guess which department Sam and I spent the most time in? The bath and shower department! And no, I'm not kidding! The bath tubs were as big as small outside above-ground pools. Well, send comments PLEASE! That's all for now!

London Town by: Sam Z.

I was surprised at how much some parts of London reminded me a lot of New York City back home. It was very cool. It was almost like being in NYC except it was rainy, and of course the small details like BIG BEN and tons of I love London t-shirt vendors. There were also some famous areas, streets, and landmarks to keep our long walk to Harrods interesting. We saw a statue of Churchill, Big Ben, and more. Not to mention the HUGE shopping center Harrods. It blew me away. It was the largest concentration of the biggest and best things you could imagine. There was a 1.8 million pound (monet, that is) bathroom. There was a pac-man machine that you could play for free, huge halls filled with every kind of food, not to mention the pizzeria with the most delicious pizza ever, and the miniature putting green with over 100 putters to try out. There was a room filled with pianos and guitars (which I loved) and a video game area. All in all.... amazing!
We also saw some of the new Darwin Center and the Royal Academy of Music. When it was time to leave we departed from London Waterloo to Southampton Central and took the ferry home. I had a lot of fun and hope we can go soon. Keep the comments coming=) . Sam


  1. Dude. I mean, dude!

    Sounds like a combination of Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory and a fancy 5-star Manhattan hotel.

    Did they require the gentlemen to wear a jacket?

    When you say the bathtubs were big, are we talkign 20 foot diameter, 20 foot?

    Uncle Googlie.

  2. Hi Everyone!
    So glad to hear you had a visitor --what fun! I'm happy for you that you'll all be going to London soon. That will be a nice excursion for everyone.
    Emme, before you left I TOLD you that you'd love the shopping, remember??!!
    Sam, I bet they had to drag you away from all of the guitars!! That is funny that you had some of the best pizza ever London!
    We miss you all !
    Love, Nanny

  3. Hi Emme and Sam!
    I'm your mom's Stampin' Up!friend. I loved hearing all about your visit to London with your dad.

  4. Hi Dina, what a pretty picture you took with your first visitor. Hope you're able to visit London with the whole family soon.

    Emme, I know your heart was beating fast as you dedcide which place to visit first in Harrods. You are the shopping QUEEN and I know you had a great time there.

    Sam, I can just see you playing the piano there and a bunch of tourist strolled over to listen to you. Pac-man for free!!!! You better keep your mom away from there.

    We miss all of you ! Love, Grammy

  5. Hey Sam. it sounds like a fun time and i sure wish i was there. i sure miss you New Orleans and i am going in december. Save me a slice of pizza. MISS YOU! From Rodrigo. P.S.wish you were in new orleans i sure want to see you again. come visit des moines iowa

  6. Dina

    I am back in Houston it was great seeing your family in England. Take care I have your address I am need to send Mark a book back and I'll probably put some Cystals hot sauce in there.

    Your Friend