05 October 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays...

always get me down. Any Carpenters fans out there? Yes, today was both. It was great waking to a Saints victory but the morning was downhill after that. I was feeling sad and missing everything and everyone about home. Funny how "home" means so many different things depending on the juxtaposition.

Now, a friend living in Virginia is "home" as much as someone in New Orleans. Once you are across the Atlantic, "home" is the whole, sprawling USA. I mentioned to Mark today how this was nice and everything but I would go back home in a heartbeat. He was quick to respond- Not me! It made me think about the difference between men and women and how we interact and communicate.

Today I was especially missing the kids' school-Holy Name. I miss how welcomed I feel every time I pass through the door. It is as comfortable as walking in the door of my own house. I miss the faculty and staff as well as the parents. There are so many relationships that matter to me in that one building. They are the kind of relationships that have developed over years and are nurtured not by phone calls or e-mails but day to day interactions. Each one nothing fancy or life-changing but they all add up to something special, something hard to leave behind. Most of my important relationships are this way. Chatting with my friend Anne F. in her living room until it is so late I simply must sleep over. Sitting on the stool in Rebecca's kitchen while she prepares dinner, fixing all the world's problems between the two of us. Laughing with Ann R. as one of us lingers too long at the other's door with the kids waiting in the car, restless. These moments make up my life, both personal and professional because I am after all, a stay at home mom. They can't be replaced by Facebook or e-mail.

For Mark on the other hand, the Iphone (formerly his Blackberry) and the computer are his primary means of communication. A text message or a few lines posted on Facebook are enough for him (and I assume most guys) to relate to one another. Review the scores of the weekend's games and they are done. Admittedly, most of Mark's friends don't live in the same city. This is serving him well in our new adventure.

After feeling sorry for myself a bit this morning, I decided to cook beef stew for dinner. That helped get the chill out of the house and busied my mind. This afternoon when the rain stopped Sam, Mary Elizabeth and I walked to the library. It is such a quaint walk, most of it along a pedestrian-only street lined with small shops and cafes. That walk makes me happy and I was reminded of the fact that nothing good comes easy. I know what we are doing is a good thing for all of us. I know New Orleans and our family and friends will be there when we return.

Rainy days and Mondays may get me down but not for long. After all, the rain stops and Tuesday comes.



  1. You WILL be home soon and everything and everyone will still be there happy to welcome you!!! Enjoy every moment of your time in England...knowing all of the wonderful reasons why you did it. Once you get back to New Orleans, you'll miss England!!

  2. Dina, you write so beautifully, I can picture the street you and the kids walked to get to the library. I can relate to the homesickness you feel and the need to connect with those who you know and love. I know that you will break the English ice and find that one or two people who will make it hard to leave England when you venture home. As it seems so easy for Mark, know that he is putting on a poker face and every chance he gets it is more than a text or a call about the scores that he is doing, he is just making sure that as the head of the home he is believing and living in the decision he made. My thoughts and prayers are with you, I am sending you my excitement and energy that I feel when I read your blog. How I admire the courage, strength and love for which you have embraced this journey and your family. If you haven't gotten on Skype just yet, go out and get a camera for you computer and get those friends of yours to do the same, and you will be able to chat while you are preparing that beef stew or the black beans and rice on another rainy Monday with your friends who are doing the same here. At least it was cool and not a sauna when the rain stopped. We miss you at light weight, and from your example, we are starting our second session next Monday.
    Always praying for you and cheering you on,
    Love and God Bless
    Susan K