12 September 2009

Filling in the Blanks

I am really enjoying reading everyone's comments. It helps me feel connected to family and friends so far away. There are already SO many stories and observations to share I don't know where to begin. I will put those off, however, just to catch up those of you who got a crazy postcard about our adventure but didn't get any of the story leading up to our decision.

In a nutshell: In March several of Mark's clients were talking about work they would be doing out west. One in particular asked Mark to consider relocating to Las Vegas. It seemed to be a good move professionally so we thought- what the heck? We would go there for a few years and make the best of it, although it is really the LAST place we wanted to be. We began everything it takes to move- getting the house ready to sell, telling the kids, our family and friends, but most of all getting emotionally ready to leave a place you love as dearly as we love New Orleans.

After 2 months of preparation, the client shared with Mark the fact that things weren't going that well for his business. That is all we needed to hear. No Las Vegas, no problem! The only thing was, we had gotten ourselves used to the idea of leaving. We realized, with the ages of our kids, it was now or never. We decided to follow through with our dream of seeing what it would be like to live out of the country. We picked England because we didn't want to add a language barrier to the already daunting task. Mark talked to his clients and business partners who were fine with the move so we began the process around early June and here we are for four months.

Mark does have some professional possibilities around Europe. If something pans out, we may stay longer. If not, we will have had a great adventure! Hope that explains things.

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  1. Glad to hear things are going well. Believe it or not, it did rain in Tiger Stadium last night but LSU eked out a win over Vandy. Herb and I are enjoying reading your posts, keep 'em coming!


  2. I tried to leave a post yesterday but it didn't work. I love reading your keep them coming. Where are ya'll living? How has your first week been?