17 September 2009

Forty-Six Pence

Hi, readers. This is a post from Sam. First, you might be wondering about the title. It is called 46 pence because today I gambled and won 46 pence so I figured why not. Today was a good day, we nearly finalized the house rental, I gambled and won money, and I bowled. Now I am going to list a lot of surprises we've had over the past few days. Did you know that if I just walk a few blocks there is a restaurant called Chicken and Pizza Land which sells chicken, pizza, kebabs, and burgers. There are also 2 Chinese restaurants, and Indian restaurant, and a burger place. So it's not just fish and chips. Did I also mention that if you are able to put money into a slot and push a button you are allowed to gamble. In the words of my mom, "We won't be having a lot of Ben & Jerry's ice cream there." Guess what the airport was filled with? You got it, Ben & Jerry's vending machines. Plus, half of the houses we've gone to see were advertised furnished but weren't. Also, there are places called zebra crossings where cars must yield to pedestrians. Hope you enjoyed my thoughts. Please comment, Sam.


  1. Dig the info Sam-lam. Place a couple quid bet for Uncle Kale...I'll get you back. I hear the kabobs are quite good. Sample them and get back to me. Also, tell you Mom and Dad we are thinking about you guys...a little jealous...but mostly excited for your new adventure. We love you guys.

    Uncle Kale

  2. Hi Sam, I loved reading your thoughts, it was quite interesting. Zebra crossings, Ben and Jerry ice cream in the airport, sounds strange to me but it sounds like you're having a blast. By the way, how much exactly is 46 pence, can you treat the whole family out to dinner??? Just kidding I know you're holding on to it. Keep the thoughts coming. We miss all of you so much. Love, Grammy

  3. I liked your commentary, Sam! It sounds like there are lots of interesting foods and places to keep you occupied on the isle. We're glad that you are doing well and seem to be enjoying your adventure. We pray for you and think of you often. Say HI to everyone!
    Love, Nanny

  4. Good on ya! Do they give you free beer to go with your underage gambling?
    I'm sitting in an all day seminar today intermittingly checking out the blog and playing Monopoly on my iPhone. Beware: when I come visit in a few weeks, I will own you in Monopoly.
    Uncle JJ.