24 September 2009

Gripe Water

It is 1 am and I am awake because there was a false fire alarm at our bed and breakfast. The Fire brigade came, as they call it. Can't go right back to bed, so I am taking the time to stay connected on facebook, etc.

Wanted to tell you about the funniest thing I saw on the pharmacy shelf, in the baby section. It is called "Gripe Water". The box said, "For relief of wind and gripe." Anyone who has had a colicky baby knows about Mylicon drops. That is basically what gripe water is! I just thought that was the funniest way to describe it.

Hmmm... Wind and gripe? Anyone need me to send some for their husband?



  1. Now THAT is something I never heard of on my British shows--how funny! Glad everyone is okay. We miss you!

  2. Dina, I'm enjoying all of the funny names of things there. I bet the kids get a laugh too. I think Gripe Water would be a nice Christmas gift for a few people I know. :-) Hugs and Kisses, Mom

  3. Dina,I'm back from Italy and just found time to read your blogs. I have enjoyed everyone of them! Way to go Sam! You are a born writer! I am so glad you are getting settled in. I know these memories are going to last a lifetime. I am pea green with envy!!! Keep the blogs coming. Love you guys