21 September 2009

NFLess Sunday

Okay- is this what it took to get the Saints on the road to the Superbowl? Did we actually have to MOVE OUT OF THE COUNTRY?!!! Sundays are SO hard without the NFL. As soon as we get settled in our house, we will explore EVERY options to view ANY American football games. Dare I say I am desperate enough to watch the Dallas Cowboys? No. I am not that far gone. Try me again next month.

Yesterday we were eating at a place called Fat Harry's. Yes, you read that right. The guy serving us asked where we were from and when we said New Orleans, his immediate response was, "Oh, you've got a great football team!" I held myself back from leaping up to give him a big hug!

Please enjoy all the Black and Gold mania at home for us.

Seven Lonely Who Dats


  1. Harry has been cheering "Do Dat!" for the Saints. He also refuses to wear a Reggie Bush jersey, insisting that he will only wear "Dwew Bwees."

    Let me know if you need any Saints stuff- I'll be happy to ship you a foam finger or maybe even some car flags. ;)

  2. Did you have to pick the Cowboys of all teams--what about the Falcons?!

  3. Dina, I really miss you being here. I don't have anyone to call on the phone to scream and jump up and down with when the Saints play. Of course, we definitely think we are going to the Super Bowl this year, can you imagine that??? Will give you a report after the game Sunday. Miss you a lot, Love, MIMS