11 September 2009

Welcome to England

I had told many of you that we had no place to stay in England. We figured it would be fine and we could "wing it" like we often do. It didn't bother me to tell family and friends this bit of information because most people know us well enough to think, "I could never do that but Mark and Dina are a little crazy anyway."

Well, let me tell you, it was NOT so funny to stand in front of the immigration officer who raised her eyebrows and proclaimed- "You've come to England with 5 children and you are telling me you've got no place to stay?!"

My heart was beating out of my chest and I thought for a moment we would be back on the next plane to the good old US of A. Mark's lobbying skills came in handy and he had won her over in a few minutes though it felt like hours!

There is SO much to tell and not much time since we are barely keeping our heads above water. More later...



  1. Happy to hear everyone is keeping their head above water. That's hard to do with 5 kids. Can't wait to see a picture of the Zelden Clan in good old England. Love, Mom

  2. So glad everything is working out so it usually does for you!
    Hugs and kisses to everyone

  3. Got the adventure postcard. You guys are so tech saavy. Hope you guys found a place. Can't wait to see pictures. Hi to all. Mary R.

  4. We got the adventure postcard!! Rodrigo is very excited to see Sam in England ( please post pictures:-)) Hope you settle in no time!! Have fun and enjoy the trip!!
    THe Azuero's ( Rodrigo, Vicky, Rodrigo & JuanPablo)
    P.S. Hope your next adventure includes Des Moines, IA :-)

  5. What an adventure!! Only you guys could pull this off! What great memories you will make!
    My first thought was.. "Did Mark get a job there?" Doesn't sound like it. I take it you will be homeschooling??? Fill us all in here Mrs.Zelden!
    Take care. WE will pray for you guys.
    The Magliato Family ( Kevin, Lisa, Austin, Erik and Matthew)

  6. I was so happy to get the postcard in the mail today with your new blog website. I am very excited to be able to follow your adventure. We already are missing you all around school. HNJ will not be the same without you. Good luck and I hope you get settled real soon. Jenny Babineaux