22 September 2009

Lingo and Give Me a Nudge

Hi, this is another post from Sam. I'll start with lingo. One thing about the U.K. is the language difference. Diapers are called nappies, and chips are called crisps. Mary E. isn't in on the lingo, she hates it when we call french fries chips. Pastie, what the heck is it? It is a pastry except instead of delicious sweet things inside, it is filled with veggies, meat or a mixture. I had one with cheese, onion, tomato & basil. Also, at Subway if they ask, "Do you want salad on this?" It means lettuce or no lettuce. "Give me a nudge," is what the slot machine said to me earlier. If I knew what that meant I could have won 1 pound. Anyway, you learn something new everyday whether or not it matters a lot, or the tiniest bit=) Thanks for reading, keep the comments coming please.


  1. Great to hear from you again Sam. I love learning about the lingo! Did your mom tell you that we have the BBC America cable channel and I watch it ALL the time. Are you starting to speak with a British accent??!!

    Hugs and kisses to all the Zeldens from the Williams family!

  2. Hi Sam, I love reading your blog. Not only is it ineresting but it's fun to learn the lingo. It's great that you are trying new food. Sounds like everyone is having a great time. Everyone at home is so excited about the Saints, will let you know how they do on Sunday. Love, Grammy

  3. Hi Sam, Glad to see you're learning so much over there. I'm looking forward to sitting with you and have you tell me all about this intersting place you guys are visiting. I sure love seeing you thru skype, and talking to you. That is helping Grammy and POPS cope with MISSING YA'll so much. Love you with all my heart POPS