16 September 2009

Growing Weary

We are close to renting a house but not close enough for me. I am REALLY tired of eating out, paying too much money to have our laundry done and cramped quarters for 7 people and about 25 pieces of luggage. I would love to be waxing eloquently about the scenery on the Isle or the differences and similarities we have found between England and America but I am just too mentally and emotionally exhausted. Those posts will come. Please be patient. Thanks for the e-mails and comments. They really help keep me going and smiling. I hope to be posting a picture of our new home soon but until them enjoy this photo of the Zeldens playing on the beach in 65 degree weather.


  1. Bless your hearts. I hope that you can get into your house and get settled in and start enjoying your adventure. The kids look like they are having fun. Hang in there.

  2. I miss you - Monday just wasn't the same! Have read everything you have posted today, so by the next time I do so, you WILL be settled and poetic - I have faith in you!!!! tracie

  3. You've always made best of a stuff situation. we're all pulling for you. You always believed theres a light at the end of the tunnel, so go toward that light. you are all in our prayers. Thanks for the daily post. Luv.....Me, uncle Tut & palsey

  4. Dina, Keep your chin up. God has you and your family there for a reason. It is not in the end of the journey that you find what you are looking for but in the journey itself. I am praying for you and empathize with your challenges, but I am more excited for you and the experiences you are living, I will channel that excitement energy to you and I know that the house that will make home away from home for you is just around the corner. I will offer up for you my struggles with selling our house so that you may find a house. My thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless, Susan K