29 September 2009

Location, Location, Location

I would LOVE to have a photo to go along with this post but that will be thrown on the pile of frustrations. I forgot to bring the cord that would allow me to transfer pics from my camera to the computer. I hope to get one soon. I also forgot the charger for my computer so I won't have computer access for the next two days while Mark is in London with his. :-(

Yesterday we moved into our house. The reason I need a photo for this blog is simple. The view is absolutely stunning from the living room, the kitchen and the terrace. Yes, we have a terrace. We are looking out on the Solent, the water between the Isle of Wight and the mainland of England. We can see the lights of the mainland twinkling at night and can see landmarks on the shore by day. There are always large cargo boats, passenger ferries and sailboats drifting by. It helps relieve any loneliness when there is so much activity right outside your window. We are perched high atop a hill so the view is unobstructed. Most of the homes here have names similar to beach houses on the Gulf Coast. Our home is Folly Hill. It is a lovely home filled with antiques, paintings and books- SO COZY! Elise has her own room although she doesn't appreciate it and keeps asking to join the older girls. Both Sam and Mary Elizabeth were lobbying hard for that room. No luck! They are each sharing a room with a bunk bed, Mary Elizabeth with Anne and Sam with William. They don't mind too much because everyone is happy with the house.

There is a sun room off the living room (which they call the lounge). It is nice and warm in the afternoon for this Southern girl who isn't used to the constant chill. The heated bathroom floors are a nice touch. There is a lovely backyard with lots of greenery, which a gardener tends, and it backs up to a big public park complete with tennis courts and miniature golf! The stately oak standing just outside our gate transports me to Audubon Park.

With a house comes many appliance. The fridge is tiny by American standards and doesn't include a freezer. Thankfully we have another in the sun room and a separate freezer as well. There is a washing machine, dryer and dishwasher. The washing machine fits about 4 pieces of clothing. Okay, I admit I am exaggerating for effect. It fits 7 pieces! Now, imagine choosing between washing clothes at 30, 60 or 90 degrees Celsius with a spin cycle of 1200, 1000, 800 or 600. WHAT?! I loaded the machine, put in some tablets that I hoped were laundry detergent, pressed a few other buttons then held my breathe as I pressed start. The clothes survived and smelled clean so I guess I succeeded. After drying the clothes, I wasn't willing to tackle the dishwasher so I am washing by hand for now. Worked the toaster, stove and oven without much trouble, bringing the grand total to 5 appliances. Mark on the other hand, broke the first one he touched. Don't ask. Long, sordid tea kettle story. Suffice it to say, we will be buying a new one for the home after cleaning melted kettle bits from the stove. He's off to London tomorrow so all the appliances are safe for a few days.

Well, I have so much more to tell but I am out of time. Stay tuned for a trip to the grocery store, a $65 lunch at Pizza Hut and photos of the house.

Now that we have a house, come one, come all. Remember the terrace I mentioned? I'll serve you tea there with a fabulous view. Elise will happily give up her double bed to bunk with her sisters. Last one to visit us is a rotten egg!


  1. What a poetic description of your lovely home! You should write for a travel magazine!! So glad you are all settled in and comfortable. Now you can really start enjoying the trip on another level.
    Love, Tricia

  2. So glad you guys are home now!! Rodrigo wants to visit Sam ( he is already saving!!) and Juan says hi to M.E.. We are getting into fall in Iowa also enjoying the beautiful colors but missing your island view...